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ADRIFTER: Prologue

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Sep 15, 2020


ADRIFTER is a single-player 2D Puzzle game, featuring William's curiosity towards the depths of the sea. Conquering incoming obstacles and tides will be a daunting task - will the sharks find him first, or will he find his way to the unknown treasure first?

The "Prologue" version is a Demo to the title. We have incorporated a lot of different mechanics in this game, such as Sharks, Octopus & Whirlpools, which would allow us to expand into further stages for the actual release. We have spent around 2 months working on this small game (longest project we've had yet!), and we thoroughly enjoyed the development process! Once again, we've dedicated ourselves to a different art style compared to our previous titles as well as slightly more complex programming. We've taken a lot of feedback from our previous games and have tackled them in ADRIFTER before it's release, hoping to give you a better experience. We've definitely learnt a lot from developing this game, and we hope you'll enjoy the Prologue as much as we do!

Available on WebGL, MacOS & Windows.

Download the game here! ->

A special shoutout to the extremely awesome royalty-free audio sources which we've used on ADRIFTER: Prologue.

Main Menu Theme:
Game Theme:


As this is the Prologue of ADRIFTER, we're going to need all the feedback we can get to help with developing the actual title. Please let us know if you find any bugs for us to squash or things that annoy you when playing the game!

Please let us know if the game is too easy or too difficult! Level design was a challenge for us, so we would like to see how you guys think! Also, the number of moves in the game are intended to be the maximum number of moves allowed for the particular stage - if you are able to complete a stage with moves left, please reach out to us with a screenshot / video! Thanks a lot!

Follow us on Instagram / Twitter @twopigsstudio to join us on our game development journey with regular game development progress and making art for games! A DM on instagram would be the easiest way to reach us. You may also contact us at


Simple keyboard controls anyone can master.

Arrow Keys / WASD to navigate.
Z Key to Confirm.
X Key to Back / Return to Title.

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